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Step-by-step Mikrotik Configuration Guide – Part 2: Security and Wireless Setup

Continued from the previous article, I showed you how to configure the basic configuration for Mikrotik. Then in this article, I will guide you how to install security mode, Main Wireless AP, Virtual AP Wireless

With Mikrotik Wireless enabled devices , by default there will be a wlan port created (cannot be deleted), in addition can create an unlimited number of virtual ports Wireless LAN with different SSID broadcast names.

Note, these Wireless LAN virtual ports always run on the original WLAN card (always work with a main wireless master port, same broadcast channel, same frequency range) but can still configure the functions separately. like other IP ranges, independent bridge ports…

I. Configure security mode

Mikrotik wireless router allows to create separate types of security profiles, which will be imposed in the wireless card configuration section.

Go to Wireless -> Security Profiles click  Add New

Configuring security profiles has many configuration options depending on the intended use, the following information can be set:

II. Configure Primary Wireless AP

Go to Wireless -> Interfaces select port wireless wlan1 (default)

Configure the following parameters:

To adjust the transmit power select tab Advanced Mode, drag down to the last section Tx Power Mode and select with card rates, this time item Tx Power will allow customization of transmit power (within – 30dBm -> 30dBm)

III. Configure Virtual AP Wireless

Go to Wireless -> Interfaces -> Add New select Virtual AP,

Configure the following parameters:

So I have hhow to install security mode, main Wireless AP, Virtual AP Wireless. Good luck with the installation.

References: https://wifi.fpt. net/

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