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Install PIR alarm and LED on KBONE KN-B23RL, KN-2003WN.PIR and IMOU G26P

In this article, I will guide you to install alarms based on PIR sensors, alarms via led lights and sirens on Camera KN-B23RL, KN -2003WN.PIR and IMOU G26P

To install, log in to your web browser by device’s IP address, select Settings -> Alarm and install according to the following instructions:

  1. Enable PIR Alarm
  2. Period: Set up an uptime schedule
  3. Anti-Dither: Interval between 2 alarm detections
  4. Area: Set detection area and sensitivity
  5. Record Dalay: Alarm sounding time
  6. White Light: Alarm by white light (continuous or flashing)

Good luck with your installation!