Diagram of locking and Exit button on Video Intercoms Dahua – Kbvision

In today’s article, I will show you how to connect the lock and the Exit button on the Dahua – Kbvision doorbell device.

1. Applicable equipment

Applicable on Dahua doorbell models – Kbvision supports Door_NC and Door_Button gates as follows:
VTO2202F, VTO2202F-P, VTO2111D-WP-S1, VTO6210B, VTOB101, KB-VDP02GN, KB-VDP01GWN, KB-VDP03GN, KB-VDP22GN, KX-VDP22GN-P, ….

Applicable to all types of latch locks, magnetic latches, …. When giving the command to open the door from the doorbell screen or on the DMSS/ KBView Plus app, the doorbell will trigger the Door_NC foot to open. door

When pressing the Exit button, the lock will be activated to open the door from the inside.

2. Connection diagram

Detailed connection diagram of devices:

Good luck with the installation!
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