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Settings Alarm-out alarm on Dahua, Kbvision

In this article, I will show you how to install and connect alarms via Alarm-out port on NVR/ XVR Dahua, Kbvision. This Alarm-out port can be combined with lights, horns with maximum capacity of 12V-1A

1. Working principle

  • When there is an alarm signal from MD (Motion Detection), IVS, Face detect, … The device will close the circuit NO1-C1 or NO2- C2,… NO4-C4 and power the siren or flash to alarm.
  • Alarm-out ports closed acts as a switch – dry contact, closing the circuit to power the siren.
  • Supports voltages of 5V, 9V, 12V – 1A. Maximum power 12W

2. How to connect and set up

A. Connect the buzzer and light to the Alarm-Out port

You need to connect in pairs like NO1-C1 or NO2-C2,… NO4-C4 to alarm, depending on the recording device, there will be a different number of alarm output ports. .

The picture above uses flashing lights for alarms. However, you can use the siren instead. If you want to use both lights and whistles, you can connect them in parallel.

B. Alarm-out event setting

In this article, I guide you to activate alarms via Alarm-out port 1, from MD event (Motion detection).

Good luck with your installation!

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