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Install KX-FR04AC to open and close the door by phone

KX-FR04AC is an access control device – timekeeper based on facial recognition, magnetic card and password. However, in addition to the function used for timekeeping, you can set up/close the door with the KBView Plus app on your phone.

To set up this function, do the following step by step:

1. Enable P2P on the device

First install, initialize KX-FR04AC, then use a web browser, log in to the device’s IP address to activate P2P

2. Download KBView Plus app and install

App download link KBView Plus:

  1. Android:
  2. iOS: https://

3. Add device to KBView Plus and use

Step by step as shown below to add device and use:

  • Step 1: Add device to DMSS with SN (Serial Number)
  • Step 2: Choise “Access control”
  • Step 3: Input device name, username and paswordStep
  • 4: Click Door -> Open to open the door
  • Good luck with your installation!!!

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