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How to get RTSP Camera Kbvision link

How to get RTSP link from camera? How to know if your Camera has RTSP or not? Let’s learn together how to get RTSP link on any camera through this article

1. Convert H.264 compression standard and enable Onvif

Currently, Onvif has supported the H.265 video compression standard, but most of the companies that have not updated it still use the very popular H.264. You need to convert the Camera compression standard to H.264 to receive the RTSP link.

Log in to your device’s web browser and change the compression standard.

Figure 1: Convert compression to H.264

You can toggle Onvif authentication and create an Onvif account:

Figure 2: Toggling Onvif Authentication
Figure 3: Creating an Onvif account

2. Get RTSP link using Onvif Device Manager software

After converting the compression standard to H.264 and creating an Onvif account, I will use the software Onvif Device Manager to extract the RTSP link. Download the software Onvif Device Manager here .

3. Test run Link RTSP

Use software VLC to check the RTSP link, do the following:

Good luck!!!

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