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Bandwidth and decoding capabilities on NVR IMOU

Detailed summary of decoding capabilities and bandwidth support on IMOU NVRs


1. NVR1104HS-W-S2, NVR1108HS-W-S2

6MP(20fps)40Mbps40Mbps40Mbps1ch 1ch
5MP (30fps)40Mbps40Mbps40Mbps1ch 1ch
4MP (30fps)40Mbps40Mbps40Mbps2ch 2ch
4MP (20fps)40Mbps40Mbps40Mbps2ch 2ch
3MP (30fps)40Mbps40Mbps40Mbps2ch 2ch
1080P (25fps)40Mbps40Mbps40Mbps4ch 4ch
720P (25fps)40Mbps40Mbps40Mbps8ch 8ch
D1 (25fps)40Mbps40Mbps40Mbps 8ch 8ch

2. Note

  • Maximum bandwidth when using via RJ45: 40Mbps
  • Maximum bandwidth when using via WiFi transmitter: 16Mbps

See detailed datasheet at: https://