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Can Dahua WiFi recorder connect to Camera IMOU, KBONE?

As the title of the article, the question is: “If using the Dahua NVR1104HS-W-S2 WiFi DVR (CE/FCC) can it connect to the IMOU/KBONE Camera? Let’s find out the answer in this article. this paragraph.

1. Advantages of Dahua WiFi DVR

In June 2022, Dahua Security has just launched a new WiFi recorder with 2 models:

  • NVR1104HS-W-S2 (CE/FCC)
  • NVR1108HS-W-S2 (CE/FCC)

Both of these recorders have the following basic features:

  • New interface 4.0, automatically connect to WiFi Camera in 120 seconds after booting
  • Compression standard: Smart H.265/Smart H.264
  • Support IP Camera up to 6MP
  • Domain name support (free in Vietnam market)
  • Support bandwidth:
    • Mode Wired mode: 40 Mbps in, 40 Mbps recording and 20 Mbps transmission
    • Wireless mode: 16 Mbps in, 16 Mbps recording

2. Which Cameras are supported?

The above two models support wired connection with devices of Dahua, IMOU, KBVISION, KBONE and other devices based on ONVIF standard

When using WiFi Hospot with “Auto Pairing” mode, it automatically connects to Dahua, IMOU, KBONE WiFi Camera when placing the Camera near the DVR and starting at the same time and here are the results:

So you already have the answer to the article title, right?

Wish you success, thank you for following the article!!!