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How to find SAFETY CODE on Camera IMOU IPC-C22

There is a problem when you install an IMOU camera and accidentally tear off the configuration stamp on the cam, or over time the stamp becomes blurred and the content cannot be seen. In these cases, besides sending it to the company, can I get the SAFETY CODE back? And how does it work?

1. What are the causes of losing SAFETY CODE?

  • Outdoor camera, waterproof sticker
  • During installation, the configuration label was torn
  • Happy customer, removed the stamp,
  • And many other unexpected reasons, ….

2. Processing ideas

For cameras with internet port (RJ45), you can create a camera password through ConfigTool then add it to the IMOU Life application to find the SAFETY CODE.

However, for IPC-C22, you cannot do it. The solution to finding the SAFETY CODE for this camera is to use an intermediate WiFi recorder.

Model camera apply:

  • IPC-C22E
  • IPC-C22E-A
  • IPC-C22E-D
  • IPC-C22S

Model NVR WiFi can use:

  • IMOU: NVR1104HS-W-S2, NVR1108HS-W-S2
  • Dahua: NVR1104HS-W-S2-FCC, NVR1108HS-W-S2-FCC, NVR1104HS-W-S2-CE, NVR1108HS-W-S2-CE

3. How to get SAFETY CODE on Camera IPC-C22

First, reset the default Imou C22 Camera, then place the camera near the video recorder and plug in power to the two devices at the same time.

The device will start up, the camera will be automatically added to the recorder. Now the camera password will be the same as the password on the recorder.

Next, turn on Network Proxy in the WIFI AP section as shown below:

At this time, your Camera will have Internet, P2P will be online. Scan the QR code to add the Camera to the IMOU Life application with the password being the recorder’s password.

You will find the password in the device label section as follows:

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