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Camera Recordings by NAS with ISCSI on Dahua Recoder

Deploying storage infrastructure in today’s computer network is extremely important, especially for large-scale enterprises. And among modern storage technologies, ISCSI is one of the most widely used and effective solutions. So what is  ISCSI and how to set up ISCSI storage on Surveillance Camera, let’s find out through the following article.

1. What is ISCSI?

What is ISCSI ? This is an abbreviation for Internet Small Computer System Interface – A transport layer protocol that operates on TCP/IP protocol over the Internet or LAN/WAN. ISCSI allows SCSI block-level data transfer between the iSCSI initiator and storage target, and supports encryption of network packets and decryption upon arrival to ensure integrity. packet integrity and confidentiality.

2. Setting up ISCSI storage on the DVR

Action like the following video:

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