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[IMOU] Introducing Imou Home Security System

Imou Home Security System

Start owning your home security system

All-round Protection with Whole Home Coverage

IMOU ZigBee 3.0 alarm hub combines the whole-home protection with access up to 32 units.

The easy to use Imou Life app allows you to receive notifications when your system is triggered, activate and deactivate your alarm modes, monitor all the devices so you will always know when activities are detected at your home.

Your First Line of Defense

When someone opens the door, the contact sensor on the door moves apart while IMOU infrared motion detector at the corner can also detect the movements.

These two devices will trigger the alarm on alarm hub and app while the security system is armed so you will know what happen in real time.

Provide a Peaceful, Healthy and Comfortable Life

When doing exercise in the living room, Imou emergency button will leave you peace of mind as you can get instant assistance by pressing the emergency button.

The device will also trigger an alarm and the auxiliary alarm with 100dB will warn people around the house. Meanwhile, the hygrometer thermometer with high accuracy can detect the temperature and humidity to ensure optimum living and working conditions for a healthier lifestyle

Maximize the Safety of Your Family and Property

The methane gas alarm can detect the methane level accurate to two decimal places and keep you informed in real time through Imou Life app.

Smoke detector with backup battery can provide the earliest possible warning of a fast-flaming fire and water leakage detector will sense leaks and moisture outside of the pipes, such as overflowing drains, appliance failures, or weather-related issues to prevent all water damage.

Equipped with these devices, your house will be under all-round protection no matter you are in deep sleep or far away from home

Customize perfect security kit for your own house

You can choose single products or our tailored kits in accordance with your needs.

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