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Practical experience when using Switch POE Dahua

PoE 2.0 is specially designed for CCTV data transmission. Currently, the entire line of Dahua PoE switches has been completely upgraded to PoE 2.0 including features such as:PoE Watchdog, BT 90W (Red Port) and Long Distance PoE Transmission. This functionality greatly enhances the utility of the switches in monitoring situations, making maintenance work easy and efficient.

In this article, I share my actual experience when using Dahua’s POE Switch, maybe it will help you in the process of using and choosing a device.

Important Note:


1. Using the device

Because my budget is limited and my installation needs are just enough and small, I have used the following product lines:

A. Switch POE

  1. PFS3006-4ET-36: 4 POE ports, 2 Uplink ports, Power 36W.
  2. PFS3006-4ET-60 : 1 HiPOE Port (for Speedome Cameras) + 3 Normal POE Ports, 2 Uplink Ports, Power 60W.
  3. PFS3106-4ET-60: 1 HiPOE Port (used for Camera Speedome) + 3 Normal POE Ports, 1 Uplink RJ-45 Port, 1 Uplink SFP Port, Power 60W.
  4. PFS3009-8ET-65: 8 Normal POE Ports, 1 Uplink Port, Power 65W.

B. Network Cat

Because to be more precise, I use Dahua brand network cable:

  1. DH-PFM920I-5EUN: Cat5e 99.97% pure copper material, beam 305m.
  2. DH-PFM922I-5EUN-C: Cat5e alloy material (ratio of copper 22 – 31%), roll 305m.

2. How far is POE used?

According to supplier specifications, with Long Distance PoE Transmission mode, POE can be used up to 250m with pure copper cat (I think cat5e or cat6).

In fact, I have not dared to use it that far, because when installing, there are many factors affecting the transmission distance such as:

  1. The network cat cable is stretched,
  2. The network cat cable is winding, meandering.
  3. The network cat material is different for each brand.
  4. The stability of the network particles (the material of the network particles, whether the network particles are close, …)

I have summarized some actual construction cases as follows:

A. Using Network Cat DH-PFM922I-5EUN-C (Alloy)

  • All use Camera (infrared enabled): DH-IPC-HFW2230S-S-S2 – 2MP camera, 30m infrared.
  • Cat network DH-PFM922I-5EUN-C: Alloy Cat5e.
  • Wiring distance for each Camera: from 70 – 80 meters (no other works to go far yet). more).
NumModelHiPOEExtend OFFExtend ON
1PFS3006-4ET-36N/AWorks wellWorks well
2PFS3006-4ET-60Works wellWorks wellWorks well
3PFS3106-4ET-60Works wellWorks wellWorks well
4PFS3009-8ET-65N/AWorks wellWorks well

In which:

  • HiPOE: Orange port for Speedome Camera, 60W power (can be used for Normal Camera).
  • Extend OFF: Not enabled < strong>Long Distance PoE Transmission (250m transmission).
  • Extend ON: Enabled Long Distance PoE Transmission (transmits) 250m away).

This system has been operating for more than 1 year, operating completely stably. Using 70 – 80 meters for each Camera, the signal is stable, so I think the possibility can be used further in Extend mode (when there is actual construction, I will update it in this article).

B. Using Network Cat DH-PFM920I-5EUN (99.97% pure copper)

NumModelHiPOEExtend OFFExtend ON
1PFS3006-4ET-36N/AWorks wellWorks well
2PFS3006-4ET-60Works wellWorks wellWorks well
3PFS3106-4ET-60Works wellWorks wellWorks well
4PFS3009-8ET-65N/AWorks wellWorks well
  • All use Camera (infrared enabled): DH-IPC-HFW1431S-S4 – 4MP camera, 30m infrared.
  • Network cat DH-PFM922I-5EUN-C: 99.97% pure copper Cat5e.
  • Wiring distance for each Camera: from 80-100 meters (no other works to go yet) further).

3. Can I use PoE with 4 signal wires?

The answer to this case is: WORKS GOOD.

As the picture at the beginning of the article, you find yourself using PoE for the Camera with 4 signal wires (1, 2, 3, 6) and the PoE and Link/Act lights are still bright.

In this case, I only test in the room using the following equipment:

  • 1 Camera DH-IPC-HFW2230S-S-S2 uses pure copper Cat5e (DH-PFM920I-5EUN) 100 meters long, using only 4 core wire (1, 2, 3, 6).
  • 3 Camera DH-IPC-HFW2230S-S-S2 uses 1 meter short Cat wire (due to lack of funds) invest more)
  • Switch use: PFS3006-4ET-36, PFS3006-4ET-60, PFS3106-4ET-60, PFS3009-8ET-65
  • All infrared lights on (check if power is adequate).


  • With Cat5e wire using 4 cores, the signal is very stable.

4. Personal conclusion

Through the actual test cases, with my small and medium installation needs, these Switch devices work very well, with high stability, very rarely errors.

New 2.0 technology PoE Switch models, supporting PoE Watchdog (PD Alive) mode help you monitor real-time 24/7. If there is a problem, it will automatically detect the error and restart the device. This feature can save time without manually restarting IPC.

The above is my personal review with the Swifts I have used. Thank you for following the article!!!

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