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Fix “You have not right” error on DVR, Camera

Error “You have not right” is a fairly common error when using Dahua, Hikvision, … What is the cause and how to handle it? Let’s find out through the following article.

1. Cause the error occurred

Internet Explorer (IE) still caches and uses old plugins, it causes conflicts and error messages.

There are also some other reasons such as:

  • Do not use IE: Some older DVRs only support use with Internet Explorer (IE), so will not work on Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, …
  • No IE Plugins installed
  • Internet signal is unstable.
  • When you perform Firmware upgrade for Camere , the recorder to a newer version, but on IE still remembers the old Plugins version.

2. How to handle

To solve this error, first check carefully the network signal to the Camera, the recorder is stable by opening Cmd and ping to Device IP address.

Stable signal ping image.

Then reset your browser Internet Explorer (IE) by:

After resetting your browser, close all IE windows and reopen them. You will need to reinstall the Plugins for your device (if required by your browser).

Good luck with your device installation!!!