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Introducing Kbvision’s TIF Active Warning Camera

IP Camera KBVISION 24/7 color monitoring TiF technology, proactive blocking and artificial intelligence, can identify accurately identify potential risks. An ideal solution for shops, warehouses and outdoors.

Main functions of CCTV cameras with TiF technology:

Active alarm

– Active alarm with Green Red LED combined with siren helps to improve protection efficiency, timely alarm and limit intrusion. Especially in dangerous areas that need warnings such as: ponds, lakes, power stations, ponds, power stations, warehouses, gardens, villas,…

AI Technology

– Smart AI technology, SMD protects the perimeter, distinguishes people and vehicles, helps filter and minimize false alarms.

Full Color – Vivid colors

– 24-hour color images are suitable for installation in areas where there is no or no light at all such as: Workshops, warehouses, factories,…

KX-CAiF4003N-TIF-A detailed introduction video

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