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Turn on anti-backlight (WDR) on KBONE Camera

WDR stands for Wide Dynamic Range – anti-backlight technology used on camera devices, webcam or cameras to be able to record and take clear pictures in all lighting conditions. If the camera or camera is not equipped with WDR, the image may be overexposed, blurry, making it difficult to see the image clearly.

In this article, I will show you how to enable it. anti-backlight on KBONE Camera. Just a few simple steps you will get sharp images.

There are 2 ways to enable anti-backlight:

  1. Use KBONE with HDR enabled
  2. Use SmartPSS/ KBiVMS with WDR enabled

1. Use KBONE to enable HDR

Anti-backlight function WDR, on KBONE app another name is HDR.

Do the following:

2. Use SmartPSS to enable WDR

Do the following:

Good luck with your device installation!!!