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How to use POE 250m on Switch?

Mentioning POE technology must have been no stranger to skilled CCTV brothers. However, what is POE???

You can understand roughly, POE is a way of using a network cat cable that can both transmit Internet signals and transmit sources.

How to use POE 250m away?

Currently, there are many different types of POE switches on the market from different manufacturers. However, in this article, I will guide specifically with Dahua’s POE Switch PFS3008-8ET-60:

As the picture above, you can see that the device supports long distance transmission of 250m on the network cat. But this is the most ideal condition, use pure copper cat6 to test.

Enable Extend Mode

To transmit 250m away, you need to turn on Extend Mode on Switch by turning ON:

Note when turning on Extend Mode:

  • POE ports 1-> 8 will not communicate with each other, it will communicate with the uplink port
  • After enabling this mode, the bandwidth of the POE port will be 10mbps