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This document introduces the relationship between OPEN SDK API and the order to call API. And each open SDK API is introduced in a detail way. This document can be divided into three parts, the first part is about the main calling procedures of OPEN SDK; the second part introduces the API of each modules; the third part introduces the whole structures of OPEN SDK. Device:
“Device” in this document refers to the EZVIZ device.

OPEN SDK mainly realizes the following functions:
Support logging in EZVIZ account, live view, playback, receiving alarm information, and device operation, etc.

This document only elaborates the SDK of PC version. Before opening SDK for other systems and programming, it is recommended that you learn about the connection procedures for OPEN EZVIZ system. For details, refer to Programming Procedure Guidance and System Notification of Connection

VersionUpdate details
V4.1.1The login interface (OpenSDK_Mid_Login) supports AccessToken refresh function and solves frequency login issue. If users have logined successfully, then call OpenSDK_Mid_Login, the Intermediate page won’t pop up, and the refreshed AccessToken will be returned directly.
Newly add logout interface: OpenSDK_Logout, if the interface is called, users need login again.
For OpenSDK_GetLoginResponseParams, newly add input parameter: LOGIN_ACCESS_TOKEN, and support get AccessToken from SDK. (Get AccessToken from OpenSDK_Mid_Login, it’s recommended not saving AccessToken).
Newly add Session configuration interface: OpenSDK_SetSessionConfig, used for record function. After input CONFIG_OPEN_STREAMTRANS, the callback video stream will be output through encapsulation lib and write into file.
Fix ezviz device macroblocking playing issue, update the newest player library.
Fix OpenSDK_GetAreaList calling failed issue.

Content of API

Here is a list of all modules:

You can see more details in:

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