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How to upgrade IMOU Camera Firmware

In this article, I will show you how to upgrade the Firmware for the IMOU Camera in 2 ways:

1. Manual upgrade

2. Automatic upgrade on IMOU Life app

1. Why upgrade Firmware?

The benefits of upgrading Firmware:

  1. Devices using the latest Firmware will improve operating speed.
  2. Create a better experience during use.
  3. Improve device security issues.
  4. Compatible with Camera systems from different brands.

2. Manual Firmware Upgrade Instructions with ConfigTool

Do the following steps to upgrade the Firmware manually. You can contact IMOU or the product distributor to get the latest update upgrade file.

This method is used when you already have File Firmware, you want to upgrade

3. Online upgrade on IMOU Life app

For now, upgrading Firmware directly on app IMOU Life is the simplest and easiest way.

Depending on each device, IMOU will also provide different Firmware versions and best suited for the device.

Good luck with your installation!

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