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How to change Hikvision Camera Password

In order to manage the recording data safely and securely, staff often change the password after installing the camera. This is how to keep your data private.

And to better understand how, today I will guide you how to change your password camera HIKVISION – one of the most popular camera brands today.

Currently, the brand Hikvision Camera is the world’s best-selling camera brand. This is a camera line that provides customers with extremely good security solutions. However, for some security reasons, many users need to change the password of the camera recorder to ensure the privacy of their data.

First, to make the camera system safer, you need to note the following actions:

  • Remember your camcorder password.
  • Avoid having multiple people use the same wifi network connected to your camera.
  • Request a party provide the camera with basic methods to secure the camera password.

1. Change Hikvision Camera password using web browser

  • Step 1: Access the IP address of the camera recorder 192.168.x.x., enter your Username and Password . Then, navigate to  Configuration.

  • Step 2: In User Management -> Admin Tag -> ; Modify.

Note the following:

  • Username with default level.
  • Old password: pre-set password.
  • New password: Set new password (Password must be more than 6 characters) letters, including letters and numbers).
  • Confirm: Confirm by re-entering the new password again.

Below the line Select all  ie you can grant permissions for the account (usually default).

After pressing OK, you have finished changing the password for the Hikvision camera recorder using a web browser.

2. Change Hikvision Camera password with IVMS-4200

First, you need to download and install IVMS – 4200 software on your computer to be able to perform camera password changes.

Change Password:

  • Step 1: Start the software.

  • Step 2: Right click -> Remote Configuration.

  • Step 3: The next steps, you do the same as on  Change password on Web browser  have guided you.

Note: After changing the password, you need to re-enter the camera’s new password to continue using it.

So you have finished changing the password of the Hikvision camera with IVMS – 4200 software!

3. Change Hikvision Camera password from recorder

Wish you a successful installation! Source:

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