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What is Ultra H.265 compression standard? And what’s the difference between H.265 Pro+, H.265+, and H.265?

H.265 with the full definition is ( High Efficiency Video Coding ) , abbreviated as HEVC and as the name suggests is a completely new compression standard was born. with higher performance compression (Strong reduction in bandwidth and storage) but better data (image) quality

I. Advantages and disadvantages of H.265?

Advantage :

  • More flexible data partitioning, from large to small
  • More flexibility in prediction mode and transformation block)
  • More powerful interpolation and deblocking filters
  • Prediction and signalling modes ), more complex motion vectors
  • Anti-backlight >= 120dB WDR makes every detail visible when observing scenes with non-uniform light intensities.
  • 3D DNR noise reduction for clear images in low light conditions.
  • High power EXIR 2.0 infrared technology, eliminating 4-corner darkening.
  • Frame rate up to 60fps @2MP for detailed view of fast moving subjects.


  • Uses more CPU to perform more complex tasks and algorithms

The ability to reproduce images after decoding H.265 vs. H.264

Region of interest (ROI) and how Smart Stream works

  • Automatically adjust I-Frame according to algorithm calculation ( Smart FPS )
  • Reduce I-Frame rate but not Video FPS rate

Smart Scene ( Smart Scene ) : Each region is split into blocks and optimally distributed Bitrate / Bit Rate / Quality

II. What is Ultra H.265 , H.265 Pro+ ?

Hikvision continues to research, develop and use H.265+ . And UNIVIEW has developed its own and uses its own proprietary compression standard, U-Code : These 2 compression standards both have very high compression efficiency but still ensure image quality

  • H.265 : 50% Bitrate reduction compared to H.264 standard
  • H.265+ : Encode  ;use Bitrate reduction algorithm based on standard code

Advantage : Algorithm-based predictive encoding – Noise Reduction – Long-term Bitrate Control (Algorithmically controlled ,Long-term average speed maintenance) – I-Frame Rate automatically adjusted according to the algorithm’s calculation

  • H.265 Pro : Hikvison’s advanced compressor based on the H.265 standard
  • H.265 Pro+ : H.265 compression with the highest performance to date is applied on Hikvision products

Ultra H.265 : Combination of H.265 and U-Code

On Uniview devices Will Support using this standard for Video Stream using H.264/H.265 standard. Standard not supported MPEG and Capture mode with frame rate more than 30FPS

U-code (UNV) : When running in advanced mode (Advance Mode) reduces 1/2 Bitrate and 1/4 Bitrate in basic mode(Basic Mode) Compared to Bitrateinstalled