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Sign Up For vHost’s vDrive Cloud Storage Service For Free In Vietnam

Today I will show you how to register for vDrive free cloud storage service provided from vHost in Vietnam. vDrive has many service plans from free (20GB) to paid (3TB)

I. Main function of vDrive

  • Laptop theft, loss, computer virus, hard drive failure… are the causes of data loss and inaccessibility
  • The vDrive cloud storage service makes sharing files quick and easy
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Multi-language support
  •  Data encryption on the server ensures no one can access it
  •  Shareable and distributed permissions for users
  •  Accessible on all devices like PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad or Android
  •  Files can be shared via the interface web and the recipient does not need to install the application can still view

II. Offer

  • Instant activation: You will receive service information immediately after payment is completed for vDrive cloud storage service
  • Simple billing: vHost charges based on your actual usage. This saves costs instead of having to invest in a large system right from the start.
  • Tier 3 Datacenter: The entire server system is equipped with a 10Gbps network system. located at Tier 3 standard datacenter. Ensure security and no stranger can access the server except vHost engineers.

III. Registration Instructions

For each customer who is using the service at vHost, they will be able to register for vHost’s vDrive service for free.

Step 1: Go to the vDrive service registration link

Step 2: Create a vDrive account

Here please enter your email and password (please enter the correct email).

Step 3: Confirm payment information

  • Here by default with the free vDrive service you will see the price is 0 VND.
  • Checkout to finish the registration by filling it out your full information.

Step 4: Complete registration information

IV. vDrive app image

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