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Parameter comparison between Ezviz TY2, KBONE KN-H21P and IMOU A22EP-A

Hello everyone, today in this article I will compare Camera Ezviz TY2 with other products in the same segment on the market like KN- H21P (KB.ONE) and A22EP-A (IMOU). These are the parameters I collected from the product’s Brochure. The article is for reference only for your better choice.

I. Review of TY2

  • Easily see your entire space with Camera TY2’s 360-degree field of view and smart tracking. Your security – day and night
  • Track every nook and cranny with just one TY2. The 360-degree wide field of view ensures maximum coverage, you won’t miss a single detail.
  • When a moving subject is detected, the camera is smart enough to automatically track motion while alerting you with real-time visuals.
  • Chat with your loved ones and block unwelcome strangers – all using TY2’s two-way communication feature. Using the EZVIZ App on your mobile device, you can chat easily and conveniently wherever you are.
  • Get protected around the clock with the TY2 camera. Utilizes powerful infrared LEDs, allowing you to see up to 10 meters away in dim light.
  • Data transfer between the camera and the EZVIZ Cloud is end-to-end encrypted. Only the user has the key to decrypt his data. For an extra layer of privacy protection, users can always enable camera sleep mode on the EZVIZ App.
  • With diverse storage options, you can choose where to save your copies. his record. The TY2 camera can even save to all three locations: memory card, DVR, cloud server at the same time for additional backup in case the camera fails or your network crashes.
  • With the EZVIZ app, you can capture, store, protect and share the moments you cherish.

II. So sánh thông số với KN-H21P và A22EP-A

NumContentEzviz Ty2KBONE KN-H21PAIMOU A22EP-A
1When starting up, there is a greeting in VietnameseYesNo No
2Compression standardH264H265H265
4Software usedEZVIZKBONEImou Life
5Wifi AP (Soft AP)YesYesYes
6When installing, read the Vietnamese connection instructionsYes No No
7Number of infrared leds211
8Long range infrared led10m10m10m
10ViewDiagonal 85°, horizontal 75°, vertical 45°93°(horizontal), 48°(vertical), 115°(diagonal)93°(horizontal), 48°(vertical), 115°(diagonal)
11Frame Rate (FPS)15fps25/30fps25/30fps
12LAN portRJ45 X 1 (10M/100M)RJ45 X 1 (10M/100M)RJ45 X 1 (10M/100M)
14WattageMaximum 5W< 3.5W< 3.5W
16Memory card support256GB256GB256GB
17WiFi Bands2.4 GHz2.4 GHz2.4 GHz
18PTZ Rotation ControlYesYesYes
19Motion detection alarmYesYesYes
20Motion trackingYesYesYes
21Detect humanNoYes Yes
22Private mode (hide orange eye) NoYesYes
232-way conversationYesYesYes
24Sound threshold alarmNoNoYes
25Cloud storage supportYes (30-day free trial)YesYes (30-day free trial)
26Web browser interfaceNoNoNo
27Onvif / RTSP (connected to a different brand recorder)NoYesYes
28Flip imagesYesYesYes
29Sleep mode (Stop tracking and recording)YesYesYes
30Change password on the appYesYesYes
31Instructions for using the product on the appYes No No
32Adjust the color tone, …YesVia KBiVMS(PC)Via Smart PSS(PC)
33Image encodingYesYesYes
34Device sharingYesYesYes
35Continuous recordingYesYesYes


EZVIZ: https:/ /

IMOU: https://www

KBONE: https://kbvision. vn/product/kn-h21p/

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