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Registration and use of domain name DrayDDNS

In this article, I will show you how to register an account Myvigor, this is an account provided from Draytek using Draytek. to manage devices and register DrayDDNS domains.

1. Sign up for a Myvigor account

Watch the manual: here.

2. Register your device to your Myvigor account

  • Login to the device >> select Product Registration
  • Login to MyVigor account:

Register device SN to account: Register device SN to account

3. Enable DDNS license

  • Select DrayDDNS service >> Click Active License
  • Click Accept to agree to activate the license
  • Select today’s date, Press Next
  • Checking License Information >> press Activate to activate. Each device when activated for the first time will be activated with a 1-year license trial. After one year need to renew the domain name (free renewal)

4. DDNS Domain Configuration

  • Login to device >> select Product Registration, re-login MyVigor account
  • Select DrayDDNS service >> Click the Edit icon to set the domain name
  • Domain Name: Enter the domain name to be configured
  • Press The Done icon to check the domain name status, if there is no error, the domain name is valid (not used yet) )

5. Configure DDNS usage on Vigor

Go to Application >> Dynamic DNS, Select the Index to configure, for example Index 1

  • Check Enable
  • Service Provider: Select DrayDDNS (Global)
  • Press  Sync Domain
  • Determine WAN IP: Select WAN IP
  • WAN Interface: Select updated WAN, for example example WAN1, WAN2
  • Press OK

Show notification Router will automatically update domain name from MyVigor>> press OK

Show message Vigor will send your WAN IP information to DDNS Service Provider >> press OK to agree

Note, If the DrayTek Router is behind the carrier device,  another router. Without a direct internet connection, the Determine WAN IP section selects Internet IP for the domain name to update your actual Internet IP.

Check for update status:

Wait a few minutes to check the device domain.

That’s it, in this article I have shown you how to register a free domain name on DrayDDNS. I wish you success.

References: https:/ /

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