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Launching SMD function on Dahua WiFi Camera

SMD is a motion detection-based false alarm filtering function recently launched by Dahua. And now some of its newly launched WiFi Cameras have been updated with this feature.

1. Applicable model

List of supported devices:

  1. DH-IPC-HFW1230DT-STW (Body – 2MP)
  2. DH-IPC-HDW1230DT-STW (Dome- 2MP)
  3. DH-IPC-HFW1430DT- STW (Body – 4MP)
  4. DH-IPC-HFD1230DT-STW (Dome – 4MP)

2. Firmware version supported

If your device does not have this function, please log in to your web browser to upgrade now.

Supported Firmware version released from version V2.800.100Z002.0.R, release date: 26.04.2022 or higher.

3. Firmware upgrade guide

Follow the following instructions to upgrade the new Firmware for your device:

After upgrade firmware, you can see SMD function:

Good luck with your installation!!!

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