About iFAST TEAM – Freelance Development Team

iFAST TEAM development team was established in 2019, with the desire to provide mobile applications, provide user manuals and technical documents aimed at simpler installation work. Installation of CCTV. However, due to limited human resources and funding, we currently only develop applications on the Android platform, in the near future, the team will develop to the iOS platform.

For funding to maintain the system, we ask for permission to display ads on the application. However, it will not affect your product experience too much. In addition, the free parallel version (contains ads). We offer additional paid version. Just buy it once and use it for a lifetime. The team would like to thank you for your interest and use of the product during the past time.

Over the course of 2 years of development, from “0” to the present, the group has achieved many successes, releasing a number of outstanding products to support in the field of CCTV for mobile such as:< /p>

1. ConfigTool Mobile

This is a support application for Dahua devices and products and Dahua oem. Just bring your Android phone, you can completely perform operations without using a computer such as:

  • Search, configure IP address, domain name, DNS Server.
  • Set image, color, encoding, compression standard, backlit, day and night mode.
  • Storage format, password change, maintenance settings, reboot time.
  • Special: You can install free domains like: Myq -see, VNCCTV, Vinaddns, … via Dyndns protocol, No-ip

ConfigTool Mobile Software User Manual

2. ONVIF View

With only this application, you can view cameras from many different brands such as: Dahua, Kbvision, Hikvision, UNV, Xiongmai, Axis, ….

If there are multiple IPC devices, you can use the “RTSP Devices” feature to aggregate them. You can then watch multiple channels simultaneously on the same screen. Very useful in case of taking advantage of the available Android box to play cams without a recorder.

  • Support manufacturers like: Dahua, Hikvision. Kbvision, Huviron, Xiongmai, UNV, Yoosee, ….
  • Requires devices that support Onvif connection standard
  • Devices supports Onvif Profile G (supports link stream extraction): Use style “Onvif device”
  • device does not support Profile G (cannot support Profile G) extract link stream): Use style “Auto RTSP”
  • Connect multiple cameras into one device (supports 4 channels with free version, 9 channels with paid version) fee): Use style “RTSP device”

ONVIF View Software User Manual< /p>

3. DAV Player Plus

Application supports playback of DAV format (backup files from Dahua, Kbvision,…)

  • Free Android support
  • Support searching for devices in Download folder, searching all over memory
  • Save calendar use video playback, full screen mode
  • Fast, slow, darkmode

4. Get RTSP Camera

GET RTSP Link application is developed based on open source code on https://www.onvif.org/

  • Onvif Device Connection Support
  • Get Device Info
  • Get RTSP Link From Device
  • Live Link Your RTSP
  • Copy the extracted RTSP link

Support devices: Hikvision, Dahua, KBVISION, Xiongmai, Panasonic, Yosee, UNV, Longse, Hilook, …
Contact us at the group that provides both versions; “Free” and “Paid”

Get RTSP Camera User Manual

Also, if you need the source code of the team’s apps for research, development, or customization. Please contact the team immediately via:
Email: ifast.vina@gmail.com